Experts in high performances molding lines and machine:


  • Molding machines type F2 and F3 up to 60 complete molds/hour

SAVELLI F2 molding machine SCHERB SCHERB castings by SAVELLI molding line

1350x1050x400/400mm, 30 complete molds/hour for aluminum castings

  • Molding machines type F1 up to 130 complete molds/hour

SAVELLI molding machine web0

SAVELLI impianto di formatura Lead Time copia

SAVELLI molding machine web1

SAVELLI pouring line YUCI Hydraulics

SAVELLI molding machines web2


  • F1 molding lines up to 300 molds per hour

SAVELLI moulding line

3000x1800x500/500mm, 20 complete molds per hour

SAVELLI molding machine for PAOSTAL Ukraina

F1 Formimpress, 3000x1200x500/500mm

1400x1800x200/350mm, 100 complete molds/hour

1100x900x320/320mm, 110 complete molds/hour

850x850x250/250mm, 240  complete molds/hour

950x900x250/250mm, 200  complete molds/hour

  • Different mold’s compaction processe: High pressure squeezing, Formimpress® and AeroFlux

  • Several different flask’s size: up to 3500 mm

  • Single machines and complete plants
  • Modernization and extension of existing molding lines
  • Replacement of the traditional hydraulic cylinders by El-Mec (selector-mechanical devices)


  • Automatic pattern’s changing devices
  • Automatic core setters


  • Flask-less mold’s cooling houses by jackets (electro-welded steel jackets)

SAVELLI flaskless cooling house Daedong GLISENTI - Savelli cooling house