Francesco Savelli speaker at METAL HUB “Crisis Management”

28 Mar 2022 | News

Today Francesco Savelli attended the special event METAL HUB “Crisis Management” promoted by MILL’S, CiviBank, IC & Partners, Finest and Credimpex.
He was invited to speak as CEO of Savelli Technologies (having installed foundry equipment and plants in Russia and Ukraine) and as Past President of AMAFOND.

He had the pleasure of meeting some friends such as Roberto Corciulo (President of IC & Partners), Fabio Zanardi (President of Assofond), Mario Conserva (President of METEF) and Prof. Alberto Cavicchiolo (President of Mill’s), as well as having met for the first time Michela Del Piero (Presidente Civibank), Roberto Tomè (Director of Cosef), Orazio Zoccolan (Director of Assomet) and Francesca Bruni (President of Art Valley).
It was a great opportunity to discuss about the consequences of the war in Ukraine on the Italian companies operating in the Metal-Casting Industry.