KS workshops full of equipment ready for delivery! no panic for Coronavirus!

27 Feb 2020 | News

Dear customer,

about the emergency of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic, I would like to reassure you that our company KS is fully operative and all of us and our families are fine; our workshops are full of equipment ready for delivery.

It is important to underline the fact that there is no “Italian case” but, simply, Italy (which has one of the best National Health Care Systems in the World) started before all the other European countries to capillary control its population, isolating potential risky areas and carrying out thousands and thousands of swab-tests even to asymptomatic citizens. It is not a fatal pandemic! 1/3 of infected isolated people have already recovered; only the older people and with chronic pathologies are at real risk. Check the following world map:


In addition, the Italian information media network started immediately with an aggressive campaign to alarm, avoiding the worst propagate. Other European countries with more important relations with China have certainly been equally affected by this epidemic; the main difference is that these countries have not yet started any real prevention action as Italy is doing.

Best regards,

Francesco Savelli

President & CEO / Partner