LEAD TIME ordered a new flask molding line

9 Jan 2014 | News

The foundry LEAD TIME (Caldarola, Italy – www.leadtimefonderia.it) selected SAVELLI for the installation of a new flask molding line. The new plant will be installed during August 2014.

The new molding plant will replace the existing one and it will have flask dimension of 1200x1000x400/400mm for a production rate of 120 complete molds/hour. The new plant will have a flaskless cooling house with jackets for a total cooling time of 218 minutes. The new F1 molding machine will be equipped with the exclusive SAVELLI compaction system Formimpress to guarantee the best mold’s quality.

The goal of Lead Time is to increase the quality of the molds and the quality of the castings for industrial vehicles, tractors etc.. and satisfy all the requirements of the important customers.

LeadTime customers
firma Savelli-Lead Time

We thank Mr. Speziani (President and shareholder) for the confidence in SAVELLI company and in its technologies.