27/08/2015 - New SAVELLI sand system with a SGMT 3200 sand mixer for GLISENTI foundry

During the last week of August, SAVELLI has installed and succesfully commissioned a new sand system at GLISENTI foundry, Italy. This system is composed by a  new SGMT 3250 sand mixer (110 tons/hour), a new Sancontrol and Aquatest device, belt conveyor and a pneumatic injector. We thank Mr Dalla Bona, President and CEO, for the re-confirmed confidence in SAVELLI company and in its technologies.

SAVELLI SGMT3200 sand mixer in Glisenti1

SAVELLI SGMT3200 sand mixer in Glisenti2

SAVELLI SGMT3200 sand mixer in Glisenti3

SAVELLI pneumatic injector in Glisenti1