Pusan Cast Iron Co., Ltd.

18 Dec 2010 | News

The Korean Foundry Pusan Cast Iron Co., Ltd. selected Savelli as the best supplier for the most important new foundry’s equipment!

Pusan Cast Iron Co., Ltd. is an important Korea-based company specialized in the provision of automobile parts (www.pci21c.com).
The Company provides crank shafts, normal form (NF) carriers, knuckles, housings, differential cases, differential carriers, forks, brake carriers, rear carriers, brackets, hubs, brake bridges, brake spiders, caliper discs, hub wheels, brake frames, bearing caps, caliper brakes and other automobile parts.
Savelli will deliver to PCI a new F1 automatic flask molding line for 240 complete molds/hour (950x750x250/250mm) equipped with Formimpress® mould compaction process and its sand system for 150 tons/hour.
We thank the President of PCI Mr. Sehoon Chang and the entire PCI staff for the confidence in Savelli technologies.