Second special SAVELLI molding line in operation at Altajvagon (Russia)

22 Nov 2014 | News

The second SAVELLI molding line at the Russian steel foundry Altajvagon Zavod is in full production. Now Altajvagon Zavod has two SAVELLI plants:

1) 3.000 x 1.800 x 500/500mm (10 molds / hour)
2) 1.400 x 1.100 x (500/500 and 250/250)mm (65 molds / hour)

SAVELLI molding line at Altajvagon0
SAVELLI molding line at Altajvagon1

The peculiarity of this system is to work simultaneously with 2 molding flasks of different height 500/500mm and 250/250mm.

SAVELLI molding line at Altajvagon2
SAVELLI molding line at Altajvagon3

The steel foundry Altajvagon with 2 SAVELLI lines is confirmed as one of the most important producers of castings for the railway industry.

We are proud to be partners of Altajvagon Zavod.