Minimizing the environmental impacts of our activities is part of the corporate identity inspired by the principles of environmental protection. At Savelli the environmental management is fully integrated with health and safety management, protecting the environment and the people.

Ethical Code

The Ethical Code embodies the values, rules, ethical principles and behaviors by which our company is inspired in its activities. It is a fundamental part of the italian Modello Organizzativo 231, which regulates the managerial responsibilities of legal entities and companies.

Modello Organizzativo 231

Modello Organizzativo 231 (Organizational Model 231) is a system of rules and procedures adopted by italian companies to prevent crimes committed by their representatives. Based on italian naw No. 231 of 2001, it assigns liability to legal entities for crimes committed in the interest of the company.


The Whistleblowing Procedure is an internal channel through which employees and third parties can anonymously and securely report illegal, fraudulent or unethical behavior within the company. Reports are investigated to prevent and resolve regulatory violations and promote a transparent corporate culture.

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