SAVELLI since 1842

Original registered trademark “SAVELLI SINCE 1842″


Native citizens have distinguished themselves in different fields, from painting, music and literature to agriculture. Franciacorta, with its gentle hills and sweet climate, is also the trade area of “brüsafer”, the iron craftsmen. In fact, the Company SAVELLI originates from the handicraft activity carried out by Mr Egidio Savelli, a brüsafer craftsman, who set up a workshop in this area in 1842 for iron working.

Antonio SavelliLuigi SavelliSavelli 1842

Today, SAVELLI (legal name Savelli Technologies S.r.l.) is participated by a group of managers and technical experts in sales, engineering, automation, manufacturing and installation of machinery and equipment for the Foundry industry. Francesco Savelli, Paolo Savelli, Maurizio Botticini, Mauro Boldi, Roberto Tura and Guido Gilberti have decided to join their forces, knowledge and experience gained in over 20 years to create a new Foundry technologies competence center for the Metal-Casting Industry.

SAVELLI headquarters, Rodengo Saiano (BS) – your welcome is our first priority!

SAVELLI is a company subjected to the management and coordination of Savelli Holding S.r.l. (Brescia, Italy) and Küttner GmbH & Co. KG (Essen, Germany), which guarantees technological and financial strength; Küttner, is the German worldwide leader with more than 60 years of experience and expertise in industrial plant manufacturing, especially focused in material handling and preparation: industrial furnaces, off-gas cleaning and heat recovery.

SAVELLI is a very flexible reality, but with great skills in the design and installation of highly customized and high performance machines for foundries which use the “Green Sand” molding process and which produce iron, steel and aluminum castings. In particular, the new SAVELLI is present on the global market as a new supplier of horizontal flask molding lines and sand preparation and return systems. Thanks to the design skills of Küttner and its global platform, SAVELLI is able to offer new processes and new high-tech solutions.

With a large and complete products’ portfolio, KÜTTNER & SAVELLI together have the capability to built up complete Green Sand Foundries from the green field: from melting to sand preparation, from molding to castings’ handling… complete process!

Well known companies which have installed SAVELLI’s equipment include Zanardi Fonderie S.p.A. (European leader in ADI ductile cast iron), Brembo, Torbole, Zardo, Glisenti and Lead Time (Italy), SREM, WSK (Poland), RENAULT Le Mans (France), Georg Fischer AutomotiveWESO and Meierguss (Germany), EKU and Componenta Doktas (Turkey), Altajvagon Zavod and RUSAL (Russia), Castertech-Randon, Cinpal, FRUM and Regali do Brasil (Brazil), Wuling Power and YUCI Hydraulics (China), Hyundai Motor and PCI (Korea), Anvil, Goldens’ Foundry and John Deere (U.S.A.) and many others… The product range of mainly in-house produced equipment is extremely wide.

  • Moulding: Complete automatic moulding lines as well as single machines
  • Sand technology: Single machines up to complete sand preparation plants

The name SAVELLI stands for quality and reliability. The trust gained over years is based on hard work and is reflected in good customer relationships.