Illegal competition by faked SAVELLI companies

12 Jul 2018 | News

We hereby inform you that our company SAVELLI TECHNOLOGIES S.r.l. ( is the sole owner of the historic “SAVELLI since 1842” brand

and that there in no other company in the world that can lawfully use this brand and the related intellectual property rights, as well as our know-how related to machines and plants for foundries and, particularly, to the horizontal flask molding lines, to green sand preparation and to return systems.

More in detail, our Company is the sole holder and owner not only of the brand but also of the trademark which has been registered in China. Therefore, the Chinese Company Changzhou Savelli Foundry Technologies Co. Ltd (www. doesn’t have any right to use our brand and trademarks and is not in any way involved in our Group and business operations, nor was or is authorized to exploit and use said brand and trademark.

Based on that we wish and desire to let it be known that above said Chinese Company is carrying out heavily illegal unfair competition practices against our Company infringing our brand and trademark, which was made possible by taking advantage of the name of the Company.

The said Chinese company is an illegitimate clone that abuses our name, illegitimately and unlawfully appropriates our references, pictures and material presenting our machines, plants and Know-how.

Changzhou Savelli Foundry Technologies Co. Ltd is cooperating with Mr. Alessandro Savelli who is not related to our company and who has no rights to make use of our registered tradename, brand including all other IP´s.

Even the domain (referring to Savelli Brazil) is our property as we are the sole owner and holder of it which is also being illegally used by Mr. Alessandro Savelli by means of another company, named AS SAVELLI, owned by or linked with him.

We therefore ask Mr. Peigen Zhang and his companies Zuosing, Changzhou Savelli Foundry Technologies Co. Ltd or any other as well as Mr. Alessandro Savelli to immediately stop using our brand, company name and intellectual property as well as references.

We are in close contact with our customers to avoid any misunderstanding and keep an open communication on this subject. It is our recommendation not to show our equipment as reference to those who illegally use our IP´s, including references and pictures.

All our suppliers have been informed about such illegal use of our IP´s. We will protect our legal rights in IP´s, brand name, domain, references drawings etc. in the best legal way possible. We appreciate your support and would we happy if you let us know, if get to know about any illegal use of our property.

Thank you for your attention and co-operation in advance.

Best regards,

Francesco Savelli

(President and CEO / Partner)