New sand/castings Rotary Cooling Drum for Brembo

10 Dec 2018 | News

The end of the year has come and Küttner Savelli wants to thank Brembo for the continuous orders that show great trust and a real spirit of partnership.

The historic Brembo foundry of Mapello, the first foundry of Brembo Group, continues to invest in technologies and to update its equipment and we are really proud to contribute to this continuous renewal and improvement.

After the 2014 revamping of the SAVELLI F1 molding line installed in 1998 and which today produces up to 280 molds/hour, Küttner Savelli successfully installed and commissioned a new polygonal screen and a sand cooler of 250 tons/hour in August 2018.

Recently, Brembo placed the order to Küttner Savelli for a new rotary drum of 3,6 meters diameter to cool sand and castings that will be installed in August 2019.

We thank the Board of Brembo and the entire technical Team!