SAVELLI and Hyundai Sungwoo Casting

28 Oct 2018 | News

According to Mr. Kang SeongHeun, the General Manager of Hyundai Sungwoo Castings (South Korea) and his deputies Mr. Kong and Mr. Choi, the SAVELLI F1 horizontal flask molding line (mold’s size 900x700x500mm, 240mph) is absolutely their favorite line because, after 8 years of full operation, it performs better than all the other existing molding lines installed at their foundry.

In fact, the SAVELLI molding line, compared to the other existing horizontal flask molding line and to the other 2 vertical flask-less molding lines, is

  • more reliable (efficiency  or availability of 96%) with a constant average cycle time of 14.9 seconds (242 complete molds per hour with cores);
  • producing more castings in one mold for the better sand/metal ratio;
  • producing better castings in terms of dimensional accuracy and surface quality.

The satisfaction of Hyundai Sungwoo is also our satisfaction and we are proud of such important positive results.

In its history, SAVELLI (today Küttner Savelli) has installed 20 high-performance molding lines for the production of brake discs and drums and it has grown thanks to its customers; therefore, we would like to thank all the SAVELLI customers that today, after many years, are still producing high quality castings for the OE Market with our high performance green sand molding systems.

In particular, together with  Hyundai Sungwoo Casting,we thank Brembo, ACI Renault, Fonderia di Torbole and Hyundai WIA.