15 Jun 2014 | News

The METEF exhibition (11-13 June 2014, in Verona, Italy) had a good success, especially for the CAST-IRON sector. In fact, all the Italian iron foundries visited our both and confirmed the positive moment of the local industry. We expect new Italian projects for 2015.

The ASSOFOND-ANFIA congress (12 of June in hall 2) saw a large participation and contributed to increase the number of the visitors of the local iron foundry industry. Francesco Savelli, as President of AMAFOND, was one of the speakers during the congress in which it was discussed the important and complex topic of Internationalization together with the President of ASSOFOND (Roberto Ariotti), the President of ANFIA Components Group (Aurelio Nervo), the President of ASSOMET (Mario Bertoli), the Head of Purchasing CASE NEW HOLLAND EMEA Industrial (Francesco Rondinelli) and the Sales Director of AGRATI Paolo Pozzi).

F.Savelli at ASSOFOND-ANFIA Congress 2014 1
Savelli at ASSOFOND-ANFIA Congress1

Few delegations from Russia, South Korea, Iran visited SAVELLI booth and unfortunately not many Europeans, except for few Germans companies, visited METEF-FOUNDEQ-ALUMOTIVE but, the quality of these visits was really high!

All the visitors were attracted by the exhibited SAVELLI machines:

  1. a large flask 6 columns F1 moulding machine equipped with FORMIMPRESS (1200x1000x400/400mm, 120 moulds per hour) sold to LEAD-TIME foundry;
  2. an EL-MEC of new generation (electro-mechanical device) to move flasks and pallets cars;
  3. an ABB robot by the SAVELLI strategic partner EVOLUT to set fedex and exothermic risers directly on the pattern bolsters..
Savelli machines at METEF 2014
savelli at metef1
savelli at metef3
savelli at metef2
savelli at metef4
savelli at metef5
savelli at metef6
Savelli with OMR Automotive
Luigi Savelli and Enzo Speziani (Lead Time)
F.Savelli and A.Dibrov at Metef

The Gala event (aperitive with lyric music) of METEF  was introduced by our Francesco Savelli and had a great success, especially for the foreign delegations.

F.Savelli introducing METEF Gala event1
metef gala
metef gala1